Cockapoo moms, dads and puppies
ROSIE 12 lbs.
Gabby 9 lbs.
Penny 9 lbs.
Teddy, stud 9 lbs.
Otis 9 lbs. stud
Oreo 9lbs.
Marly 9lbs
Amber 9lb
Ginger 9
Lola, my new cocker.
So next year wll have
first generation
After this litter,  Rosie
will be retired.  I will give
her to someone that can
give her a good home,  
She is NOT
housebroken but is
cage trained.  She is 6.
I had hoped Oreo was pregnant
due around Christmas time.  I don't
think she is but will wait a couple
of weeks to make sure.  This is her
3rd try so if she is not pregnant, I
will sell her for $500.  She's 2 and
not housebroken but a very sweet
dog. I will be working with her for
house training after Sunday,
Gabby and
Amber are
bred with
Teddy and due
 I am taking
deposits for
both litters.