I offer stud service for cockapoos and any oher breed you may want to mix with toy or miniature poodle. I have 1 apricot toy poodle, Otis, one buff and white parti poodle, Teddy. Because I am a long time breeder, I also offer advice on puppy training, what to look for in a puppy and breeder and other dog related issues

You should by your next puppy from Temples Home Grown Puppies by granddaughter Abby Temple

Otis, 9 lb. Toy poodle stud
Teddy 8 lb. toy poodle stud

My grandmother, Corliss Temple, breeds dogs and sells them. I have gotten my last two dogs from her. My first dog was a gift, and the same with my second. It’s a good thing, too, because about a month after we got my other dog, our first dog got cancer and had to be put down. My grandmother sells Cockapoos (which are a mixture of cocker spaniels and poodles) and Yorkiepoos (which are a mixture of Yorkies and poodles). Every summer I go to my grandmother’s house for about a week. I always get to help out with the puppies, and I’ve even seen one sold. The nice thing is that she gives you a chew toy and some food for the pup. I went online to and read a question and answer section.

Someone had asked about getting a golden cocker spaniel for a house pet, but she had read some reports on the pet. They all said not to get one because they are very aggressive. The vet she was talking to agreed with those websites. She said in all the twelve years she had been a vet, the most aggressive and mean dog she had ever been with was in fact the cocker spaniel and I couldn’t find anything at all on the internet on the different temperaments of cockers at all, so I don’t know if there is any difference in golden or party colored cockers. However, when I had my cocker she was never aggressive or mean, and my
cockapoo now is not aggressive at all. She’s just very hyper. I for one love all of my grandma’s dogs. My uncle’s mom has one of my grandma’s dogs, as well as my friend, my grandma (of couse), two different aunts and uncles, and I do as well. I have quotes from two families that I know have dogs from my grandma, first I will tell you what my aunt said then my parents. My aunt says “they are non shedding dogs so that helps with family’s allergies and they are very active as well.” Now my parents ” they are very sweet dogs and good with children or they make the perfect lap dogs because of their small size and them being very affectionate”.

Cockapoo Jinx Matulis
Yorkiepoos Lexie & Sophie Wynkel